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Part (often times too much) of the LA lifestyle goes to anything and everything associated with cars: driving from one side of the city to the other, traffic caused by the stupidest things, stop signs and signals, the new Bluetooth-piece-is-my-new-everyday-accessory law, and of course, the ever so instable gas prices. While getting on and off […]


So I went grocery shopping yesterday on my only day off – my usual rounds of at least 2 different stores within a couple hours. This time, it was Ralph’s and my local Nijiya (Japanese) market. I have to admit, I’m a grocery shopping fiend – and it’s not just because I love food (which […]


Literally!Nike’s latest basketball-shoe collaboration will surprise many. Not because of its player affiliation—in this case, Phoenix Suns All-Star guard Steve Nash—but because of the materials used. The Trash Talk shoe is made entirely of recycled materials—manufacturing waste, to be exact: everything from the scrap-leather upper to the scrap-ground-foam midsole to the environmentally preferred rubber outsole. […]


The world’s first weed ATM machine has arrived…to where else? Los Angeles! It’s actually called the AVM: Anytime Vending Machine:This AVM is available 24/7, is fully secured in it’s own room, has two dispensaries, and full-time security for your protection. You must have a doctor’s consultation and prescription to use the machine. Once you do, […]


I forgot to post this a while back, but I bought this Japanese gum at a local market, and discovered a surprise:A stack of paper that resembles mini Post-Its for discarding chewed gum.I suppose it’s eco-friendly in the sense that it tries to control gum-spitting on the local streets and sidewalks, or on the bottom […]


Amidst the chaos and rage of New York Fashion Week, Earth Pledge held their FutureFashion show, where top luxury designers of New York, Paris, and Milan participated in presenting looks made from everyday sustainable materials like organic wool and cotton. Here’s a look from the runway, Coco Rocha in Diane von Furstenburg: Check out that […]

GREEN is the new BLACK

Barneys New York, basically the greatest department store in the planet, is gettin’ it, and hittin’ it big. It’s like heaven when you step inside with the ability to “ball and drop a few G’s”. Maybe it’s just the whimsical idea of owning everything in the store because the buyer is so damn good at […]