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The work of Wonderwall for Colette revealed!!! ..and basically, this is probably the coolest store ever: everything you ever need in life…shoes, clothes, music, cafe (!), and beauty all coexisting together in clean, sleek space. Dang, this is like what I need in my life – my own little Colette! Peep more pictures after the […]


A quick photo recap from my Vegas trip for the Fourth of July – although we didn’t get to see any fireworks so it didn’t seem like a holiday at all. It was 108 freakin’ degrees all day and night…but I went to mini Venice and back so I didn’t complain. Starting from day 2 […]

IKEA’D OUT KOBE TRAIN, not beef or Bryant. The OTHER Kobe – in Japan. IKEA, our favorite go-to Swedish furniture (and bomb food court) store has converted the Kobe Portliner Monorail into a moving showroom before the April 14 opening of a new retail outlet at Port Island. The redecorated train, which features a colorful exterior, bright upholstery […]


The newly opened Shibuya Bape Store is the product of the mastermind interior design company, Wonderwall, which is responsible for designing the rest of the Bape stores as well as Uniqlo. The new Shibuya store features a multi-colored LED system for the stairs, and adopts the similar “Go Ape!” logo seen at the front of […]


Okay, this is really really random, but amusing: this man, Mark Malkoff is living in IKEA in New Jersey while his apartment is getting fumigated. He moved in his clothes, brought a trampoline for ‘exercise’, and eats at the IKEA cafe. The funny thing is, the company is allowing him to do all this…and he […]