So I know this blog has been lookin a little dead recently – yea no header, no nothing.
But I’m enjoying the simplicity and minimalist approach for the moment, to bring focus to the stuff that matters: the brands, stores, events, people, and work that I post about!

I can assure ya’ll though, that I am in the works of producing something a little bit more exciting than just my regular flyer-posting and short blurbs.

But for now…all I can say is: 80’s PURPLE!
80's purple

This website has a lot of dope affordable brands that you can’t find collectively on other online shops: Claw Money, Hysteric Glamour, Insight, Ludwig, Stussy, Han Cholo, Dear Creatures, Hellz Bellz, Made Me, Mama, Married to the Mob, Quail, House of Casette, and lots of cool eyewear brands.

So start browsing for fall items to revamp your wardrobe..


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