Today was an eventful day. After coffee & croissant at Balthazar in SoHo with a surprise visit from Young, we took in the temporary halt in rain (it’s like thunder, lightning, pouring rain, sprinkles, drizzle, sunlight), we sat on the benches in front of Balthazar and watched a fashion photo shoot in the works:


We didn’t recognize the models or anything, but it was kind of cool when they passed by because it was like our own front row to fashion week. LOL ok yea we’re lame.

Then after we split, went back to work – got off a little early, and walked up towards the Village to discover this interesting window display at one location of beauty mega store, Ricky’s NYC. It’s apparently an ad for something for blisters, but I couldn’t help laughing at the sight of this grown ass man in knee high socks and black pointy toe pumps , jammin’ to his music while dance walking on a treadmill. WTF!?!??!?! Straight comedy right there. Love it.



Shortly after, I started walking home again – the rain started to come. And not just come – it started to pour. By the time I was almost home (because I decided it would be okay for me to walk home instead of the train), every step I made squirted out a little bit of water and more came in. I decided to wear canvas shoes that day because I was..uh dumb. But now my socks, denim, and entire shoe are soaking wet!!! My first big rainy day in NYC. Ah, how happy I am….(I hate you mother effin’ rain!)

Now.. it’s time to celebrate through the rain and whatever – HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG YOO!!!!


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