So I figure I should start taking down notes on my new life in New York. These may not be very exciting to some, but for me, this new change is creating more insight, experiences, and lots of interesting things to think and write about. Instead of starting a new blog, I’m creating a new section for my non-food related New York escapades. (For all the food stuff, hit the Tumblr).

Anyway, I’ll start off with this: I’ve watched 6 episodes of Entourage back to back for dinner tonight. I’ve never watched more episodes of this TV show in Los Angeles – which is super ironic, but it helps me stay connected in a sense. Also, I must confess that I’ve never seen more Turtle look-a-likes in my life. Turtle is such a good actor!!

I LOVE this picture by the way…

Shoutout to my Entourage in Cali, by the way. 🙂


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