This is super late but I will always remember the occurrences of this day.

I was at work and word traveled that TMZ.com first reported his death.
I do not trust TMZ as a reliable source – and you should not either.
However, we learned that they truly were the first to report this event to the internet world.
CNN did not confirm until about 3 hours later.
Vanessa and I were at lunch at Joom Bangkok Thai on Beverly where we sat down with our Pad See Ew and Kung Pao Chicken lunch specials as we watched the story of MJ’s death unfold on CNN.
The UCLA Medical Center became a meeting area for MJ supporters and fans – right after word spread that he was carried there by ambulance.
We listened to Michael Jackson jams all day in the car and at work.
I can honestly say that the most famous person in the world (in our country and distant countries alike) passed away.
Although he was controversial, he still is and always will be “King of Pop”, through all of the cosmetic surgeries and his strange ways.
I recalled my MJ memories/moments, and they involve “Thriller” the music video and song as the theme for our high school senior class produced Homecoming Dance in 2004; “PYT” and “Rock With You” are easily one of my favorite songs of all time; and more often than not, every club/lounge/musical event will play at least one variation of a MJ track.
He has truly left a mark on the world with his musical abilities and his entire career.

I will always remember THIS Michael Jackson. Thrillaaaaaaa.

Rest in peace!


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