Emotions ran wild today at work – hearing the passing of 2 young people (both unrelated events) was a slap in the face from a hand named reality.
I don’t really feel like blogging, or looking at other blogs and posting pictures of clothes I know I won’t buy.
I do feel that I need to express these feelings of self-maturity and reality, and the need for all of us to re-evaluate what’s important in our lives.
Contrary to thought, it’s not the shoes we buy (however much they are discounted for), the cars we drive, or any other material commodity that defines our happiness.
It’s really something more than that and we’ve all tried to figure that out at some point in our lives.
Sometimes we don’t really know if what we are doing really makes us happy. Sometimes we don’t really understand what we really want deep down in our hearts.
Most times, we accept what we have and fail to venture out of our comfort zones in an attempt to satisfy our genuine desires. We compromise with ourselves that this as part of a stage in our lives and try to live on. But sometimes, we don’t live on – sometimes, unexpectedly, those closest to us are no longer there to make us smile and a part of us inside slowly withers. This is starting to sound ridiculous, but it’s true. So the point I want to make is that life is too short to live shorthanded. Do what makes you happy, say what makes you and those you care about happy. Tell someone how you feel, so they always know. Share the things you love with the person you love. Don’t skip out on anything. Sometimes you just gotta take risks. So thank you, for reading my blog. This is how I truly feel and thank you for the support. Was this post super A.D.D.? Probably. If it makes any bit of sense to anyone, I’m happy.

Life is too short….so now I’m going to sleep.


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