I hate anything that smells too strong (i.e. noticeably bad b.o.; 5 pumps too much Armani cologne; and the extreme concentration of Yankee Doodle candles). However, I am in love with simple things, like just finished laundry, lemon scented kitchen soap, a dozen roses, and of course, fresh smelling perfume….especially those that are light and can never get enough of the fragrance.

Luckily for me and those with senses like mine, there’s a new line of French organic perfumes that’s available now in the states: Honoré des Prés parfums, a collection of five organic, all natural fragrances from the purest extracts of nature “to quench impertinent urban desires for instant joie de vivre“.

Just look at these images…I want, no, need to be this woman right now, away from my hectic stressful life!!!

Honoré des Prés is the first organic French perfume line to be signed by the incomparable perfumer, Olivia Giacobetti. Keep reading for details!

Adopting the motto, “Rich is Simple”, these perfumes aim to simplify while rejecting addiction, and work to connect nature’s elements to create a sincere feeling to a beautiful landscape, nostalgic memory, or a simple night’s daydream.

A total of five fragrances encompass the line:

Chaman’s Party”, an aphrodisiac melange of Haitian Vetiver, Egyptian Basil, and cloves from Madagascar, recalling the pure breath of our forebearer’s moist earth. “Bonte’s Bloom” is a coquettishly insolent dream of a white muslin summer, where iris butter melts into wild Moroccan blue camomile, Paraguayan citrus fruit leaves, and South Indian wildflowers. “Nu Green” is a naked flashback to our origins, a simple, pure water that shows us the way towards our healthier selves with a bouquet of mint, tarragon, Indian musk and cedar.  The fourth scent signed by Giacobetti, “Sexy Angelic”, is inspired by a secret alcove in a designer hotel, with a private view of a permaculture garden. A little bit provocative, and terrifically French, this elixir of hemlock, angelica seed and intoxicating marzipan will make an overly-sensitive person fall madly in love. “Honoré’s Trip” is an original creation by Honoré himself. Tonic, energetic, and always optimistic, this sun-drenched creation of tangerine, green limes, Mediterranean oranges and Phillippine pepper suggest the fruit of future happiness for the perpetually in love.


Each 100 ml. Eau de Toilette is 100% natural, with 85%  certified- organic ingredients packaged in a hand-crafted cocoon of accordion cardboard. Free of coloring agents, phytalates, petrochemcial products and synthetic additives, each perfume is certified by the EcoCert label, Europe’s organic certification organization.

Currently available in the United States through Bergdorf Goodman, LuckyScent, BeautyHabit and SpiritBeautyLounge, and each perfume retails for $145.

I am running over to Bergdorf during my trip to NYC in May to first hand experience this!!! I hope it’s there when I get there…



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