This is going to be a pretty quick post. And possibly a shitty one. A pretty quick shitty post.
Why? Because I don’t really care about the significance of February 14. No I’m not a hater, and I love “love”…but I just don’t care much for it at this point, but would love to help some people out who are really stressing out about this matter.

So New York Magazine has compiled a significant list of v-day gifts for that special someone, both for the gents and ladies. Even if these items are not available to you – at least you’ll get some kind of idea from it right? View the products here.

And then my personal pick is the oh so cute and handy baggu bag:
Even if his/her/your love isn’t forever – an eco-friendly bag will be at your service and will never, EVER let you down.

For my girls who gift girls on Valentine’s Day (which includes me), I would suggest what I would do (and probably will do):
Essie nail polish sets – you can never go wrong with nail polish!!!!
Papyrus cute cards – careful, not too cute for you to wonder about your nonexistent love life.
Vosges truffles – strange concoctions that will bring some curiosity and interesting convo to the table. But…I think chocolate is an aphrodisiac????
LEGO® hearts – made with love from the Lego store by filling up a tub for $7.99. They even have a V-day section at the LEGO® store? Say what??

Ok that’s enough love. Now go get some. Love you all too!


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