Especially when they are Japanese markets – we don’t have too many of them, why do they have to close!?!?!??!

On today’s posting, I found out that my neighborhood FAMIMA!!! store is closing down in West Hollywood. I used to go there when I was too early for work to catch up on Japanese magazines and get some good lunches, and they were always greeting me with such warmth and kindness. I guess it wasn’t enough to reel the customers in on that spot. But it’s okay, because 2 new FAMIMA!!!s are opening in Downtown LA…

And in other news, my childhood spot, Mitsuwa in Little Tokyo is closing down.

I remember playing on the dinosaur playground there while my mom shopped at the grocery store; playing arcades with my sister while my dad watched on; getting ice creams and churros after reading Japanese books at Asahiya; and occasionally persuading my mom to buy me cakes at the bake shop..and NOW IT’S ALL GONE!!!!!
Well, the place got ghetto anyway – but it’s unfortunate that there is a decreasing Japanese influence in the communities where it was once the cornerstone for Asian diasporic communities. Where will the children of our generation go to play while I shop for Japanese groceries???

Sad..very sad.



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