One day my co-worker André told me that he read in Malcom X’s autobiography that he knew how to get at girls just by watching them dance. Apparently, when girls dance (aka get jiggy, hyphy..whatever you may call it), whatever face they make tells more than you’d think about their personality. Dre explained that girls who make the ugliest faces are freaky girls – meaning, they are ready to get down. Girls who don’t make weird faces or keep more of a straight face are rather shy, reluctant to try new things, and could possibly be boring. And Malcom X always knew which girls to go for – just by standing there and watching the ladies get down. I just thought this was an interesting observation – I wonder how I look when I dance. And now every time I go to the club or see people dancing, I will actually scrutinize their faces. Boys, what kinds of faces do your girlfriends/significant others make? Is there any truth to this observation?

..Just something that’s been on my mind…..


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  1. J
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    I believe it!

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