Scion Space* has opened Tokyo Nonsense, which showcases eleven young Japanese artists who live and work in Tokyo. The exhibition will include works by Ichiro Endo, Taro Izumi, Ai Kato (aka ai madonna), Sachiko Kazama, Iichiro Tanaka, and the six-member artist group, Chim Pom. TOKYO NONSENSE:
refers to the city itself but also references the word “nonsense” in the context of Japanese popular culture, connoting so-called “modern decadence” and the rebellious, anti-establishment spirit of the 1960s student protest movement. The work of these eleven young artists reflects both Tokyo’s frenetic energy and the banal realities of everyday life in the city. The exhibition will consist of more radical forms of expression such as performance, video, and installation art in addition to more traditional mediums such as drawing, painting, and woodblock printing.

I’m sure this exhibit will be awesome! I hope I can make it before it ends! Ah, such NONSENSE. This could really apply to my blog – holla if you got a chance to check it out!

*Thank you to Japan Forum for the correction – this exhibit is indeed at Scion Space, NOT at Royal/T! I think I was so pumped with my recent visit there that I automatically made the connection with the exhibit. Thank you again for the lookout!


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    I think you might be incorrect. Tokyo Nonsense is a Scion show, not a RoyalT show:

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