Appreciation is satisfying – no, it’s essential and key to one’s happiness. Appreciation for material goods, appreciation for what others do to you, and appreciation for life in general creates such a great environment and room for optimism and growth, eventually leading to a greater outlook on life, self esteem, and respect. I bring this up because I love to have readers appreciate what I do, and to appreciate the things I truly love and believe in. I appreciate all the things I blog about and praise – and it gives me so much more insight to the work that’s out there – no matter what it is.
Well anyway, I love hearing directly from readers – and one of my loyal readers, Siby, is from Germany and still keeps up to date with LA happenings by reading blogs, including mine! So I was extremely happy to hear from someone like that – and I told her to update me on anything that she thinks is relevant and cool in Europe. Well, she has updated me on the whereabouts of Takashi Murakami and his exhibition, © MURAKAMI , organized by MOCA.
The exhibit is now taking place at MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt after closing at Brooklyn, New York.

More than 130 works by Murakami in various form will be showcased at MMK, before it closes early January of 2009, and then heading for its final stop at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. I don’t know how many more of you readers out there are in Europe, but it’s good to know that art is appreciated everywhere you go! Thank you so much to Siby!


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