So I keep finding more and more cool blogs to read everyday – that I’m literally overwhelmed with the number of clicks I have to make on a daily basis. I think this is all going to take a toll on me and just destroy my sense of vision – staring at my iMac for hours on end everyday must not be a good thing.
Anyway, besides the risk of losing my eyes at an earlier age than I intend to, I am having such fun just reading and researching and becoming aware of what’s out there. Oh, I don’t know – the coolest new hangout, the hottest restaurant or the most out-there hole in the wall. Ah, the joys of reading and wandering about the blogosphere. I wish I could do this for a living, seriously – but I would really become a fat ass piece of lard and THAT cannot happen.

Just wanted to express how much STUFF is just out there for us to read…how will we ever know anything unless we become aware of it?

Currently browsing:
Eater LA – Eating LA
Racked LA – Fashion LA
Curbed LA – Architecture LA
Cyana – Fashion & trends
Sartorialist – It’s just a must
Perez Hilton – okay I really can’t resist sometimes…but on the low, you can really learn a lot about politics and current events!


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