I just watched this beautiful movie with D – a definite tear-jerker and a mushy gushy chick flick.
It’s called “冷静と情熱の間”, or “Calmi Cuori Appassionati” in Italian, or “Between Calm and Passion” and it stars Kelly Chen & Yutaka Takenouchi (OMG DREAMY)!
The plot: Living in beautiful Florence, Italy, Junsei Agata is an up and coming restoration expert who specializes in historical fine art. Junsei is ready to move forward in his life, but he can’t seem to forget one person from his past. Aoi was his one true love, but destiny had other plans. Remembering they had made a promise to meet atop a cathedral in Florence on Aoi’s thirtieth birthday 10 years ago, their last chance to rekindle their love maybe too late.

The greatest thing about it is the beautiful scenery in Florence, Italy and the historic art and architecture that come with it. And it doesn’t hurt that Yutaka is so nice to look at…
Although this is kind of an old movie (2001), it’s definitely worth it to watch (if you can bear Michael Wong’s horrible acting, that is). D and I could not stop wishing we were Kelly Chen throughout their love scenes….ahhh. 🙂 Would you remember a promise made 10 years ago? Would you wait 10 years for the one you truly love if you didn’t know you’d see him/her again? I’m not so much of a romantic, but the “what if”s drive me crazy, especially in this movie because it takes place in Italy, Japan, and even Los Angeles. Really though, what are the chances you are thinking of that ONE person and that one person is thinking about you at the same time in a city across the world? And what if you are meant to be and in the end, you drop everything to be with that one person. But what if you think you are meant to be with someone, take the risk, and never see them again? How sad is that? Okay really though…it makes me wonder, and if you watch this DVD (there’s like super international version since it’s mostly in Italian and Japanese and sometimes English) you will think of these things…

Read the entire review here. Official site in Japanese here


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