I don’t drink carbonated drinks – soda, Redbull, the traditional Japanese ramune drink, nor Perrier….(exceptions apply when consuming with alcohol, that is…). But somehow, I LOVE Orangina!

My co-worker Vanessa always drinks it and I was always curious to try it – and when I did, I flipped! Why was I missing out this whole time on this delicious French drink though?
According to Wikipedia:
Orangina is a carbonated citrus beverage made from orange, lemon, and mandarin juice. Orangina produced in the United States includes orange and tangerine juice, but no lemon.

It’s packed with 12% juice & 2% pulp and zest – I love orange juice so uh….this is the perfect not-really-orange-juice-but-kinda-is-more-like-OJ’s-stylish-cousin. So good that I stocked up with a 4-pack from Bristol Farms yesterday. The best part is the packaging – the cute little bottle has a pebbly texture to it to make it seem like you’re drinking an orange…but you’re not. You’re drinking ORANGINA! But really though, this super funny commercial was the highlight of it all. I expected this to be such a cutesy animal kingdom animation, but no, uh..it’s quite sexual! LOL.



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    welcome to the orangina fam girl…welcome 🙂

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