…or maybe I just have this ill-feeling towards tees now-a-days, or maybe because I’m beginning to grow out of the urban casual look, but a lot of “streetwear” is so unoriginal and everything besides exciting. All I see is the same shit. I’m actually really disappointed by it, furthermore by the release of Tens by The Hundreds Fall/Winter 2008 Collection – all the more reason for me NOT to buy a graphic tee for $40.

I mean yes, these kinds of tees are great for representing the brand you support. But really, how long can you wear branded tees and still express individuality when everyone and their mother is flaunting the same slogan, same image, same logo, and same colorways as you? I don’t know, maybe it’s just a low point for streetwear as I see it now, but sorry homie, dressing up your fitted tee with a fitted New Era and a fitted keffiyeh or a whatever scarf you want to rock is not different or unique in any way, shape or form. It’s almost as bad as hipsters dressed as if they came straight out of an American Apparel ad with some fake ass Wayfarers and a fanny pack. Don’t get me wrong, I love individual pieces from AA , the 80’s and 90’s look, and some of these brands that are subject these ensembles that I speak of. But please, matching the eeensy bitsy streak of turqoise on your just bought Dunk Hi’s with a partially faded similar shade of turqoise streetwear tee with some logo and a equally matching turqoise New Era cap with some acid washed AA jeans and a studded belt – PUH LEASEEEE!!! Walk away before I laugh in your face. Run…actually, don’t walk.

Now I am aware that I am nowhere near a fashion goddess, fashion editor, nor anything on the top of a fashion heirarchy, but simply I am an ordinary lover of fashion, so this is purely an editorial. Maybe I’m just a hater right now and I’m grossed out at the sight of hundreds of kids dressed like this on a daily basis that go shopping in Melrose. I mean come on, homeboy, you look like you’re 10 – how are you gonna ask your mom to pay for these matchy pieces every season? I don’t know what kind of rant this is exactly – I think we need change, just like Obama says. It’s for the sake of fashion and style for our future generations. This “trend” we have going on right now is…nasty, I’d much rather settle over a plain tee (holla, AA) and some fitted jeans (not too tight, not too baggy – the skin tight chicken leg jeans with the improperly porportioned torso bothers me as well, but I’ll save that for another day). Classic is key – and sure, there are some truly great classic pieces in many streetwear brands of today, but it just looks super douchebag when it’s not worn the right way and it’s overstyled. Simplicity is also another key, so streetwear fans and semi-hypebeasts of today, let’s take it back to when trying hard to be different actually resulted in being a little unique. I’ll be optimistic for the fall season – after all, fall is the best season for fashion, and I’m convinced that maybe I’ll see less matchy matchy and more classy classy. 🙂 Hope for the future.



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    agreed. AA is great for just a casual look. I’d like to see where streetwear is in 20 years.

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