So as any of you fashion heads know, Magic Trade Show for spring/summer 2009 collection is coming up next week.

Now, my situation is: I really want to go, I have a person to go with, I have a ride, I have a place to stay, and…I really want to go. I mean it’s literally the place to be (especially because I’m a MAGIC virgin) for anything fashion, and I’m even more excited due to the greater presence of streetwear in the whole tradeshow. The problem is: I work Monday, so is it even worth going Monday night thru Wednesday?

I’d really like to attend these and other dope parties…

Free drinks for the ladies!!
And then, there’s this – check out the sponsors, dope crew!

It would be dope if this last-minute plan to head on over to Vegas for a couple days worked out. We’ll see about that….Who’s gonna be there?!


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  1. emily
    Posted August 21, 2008 at 1:09 am | Permalink

    OH MY GOD!!! kanna! you NEEED to go to magic!!! ahhh..and you can document everything with your camera and share them with me and itd be like i was there too. haha

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