I stopped watching the Olympics. I used to religiously tune in to NBC, hoping to catch some of this
or some of that

or this..damn China is too good in gymnastics!!!

However, after catching up with Perez, it all the more confirmed how shady Beijing is. Well the Beijing Olympics, that is!

If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you should take a look at the reasons why Beijing 2008 sucks after the jump.

1. China hates black people – so f***ed up!

2. Censorship of internet for journalists and visitors in China – oh whaat!!! the reality of Communism strikes…

3. Chinese man attacks American tourists and Chinese tour guide, killing one! – um, China man gone crazy! So sad.

4. Censorship (#2) on attack (#3) – thank goodness for freedom in America…

5. Opening ceremony lies – lip synching girl – again, just sad.

6. Hiding life altering paralysis for opening ceremony dancer – lies!!!

7. Underage Chinese gymnasts – little girls! – I wonder if they’ll ever get caught?

8. False representation of ethnic groups in opening ceremony – what was supposed to be 56 ethnic groups were in fact just one majority Han ethnicity…

9. Another Olympic death that was covered up!? – unknown death…wow.

So there you go. I know it’s stupid to be linking Perez instead of CNN, but he sums it up the best in an easy-to-understand manner. But for real, why are the Olympics so shady this year – although I do not question the talent, hospitality, and (somewhat) openness of the Chinese, I think there are a lot of things that are being left “uncovered” and “unknown”. So strange, but I guess by now everyone’s learned to go with the flow. Whatever, I’m just happy for Michael and his amazing feat in Olympics history. YAY!
Also, although the women’s gymnastics team didn’t score gold, they all had awesome performances, forreal! I was often glued to the TV wondering how they landed so perfectly and elegantly in some routines. But of course, the little Chinese girls were there to show everyone what was up – with their cute little hair buns and baby teeth and all.

So I guess I’ll keep reading news headlines instead of waiting in front of the TV for hours before an interesting sport is shown on NBC. But in the mean time, let’s hope there aren’t anymore shady business coming from Beijing until the closing ceremonies!

For a small selection of Olympic photos that left me breathless see here!

By the way, the Olympic medal count goes like this:

Gold   Silver  Bronze Total

1. China 35      13       13            61
2. United States   19       21       25            65
3. Australia          11      10       12            33


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