Yesterday was yet again another interesting day + night. After eating brunch at Waffle, we headed down to Melrose for some shopping. Complete with iced lattes at my favorite “purveyor of fine foods” Froma; a trip to APC, Marc and the Beverly Center. After failures at multiple restaurants – Ronin Izakaya (closed Tuesdays! AHH – Asian Tapas & Chocolate Bar Dessert was gone!); Sawtelle Kitchen (ambiguously closed…whyyy!?); and no desire to look up more restaurants, we headed to Orris to check it out for the first time. I was expecting more of a Japanese flair then a French one, but I was mistaken. They served NO RICE and I was craving some. So, we decided to get some tapas plates, although we both knew it would not fill our stomachs: Seared Ahi Sashimi with avocado and sweet onion sauce (delicious), Curry-infused Shrimp Tempura with Okinawan sea salt (good but not enough), and Trio of Smoked Salmon Croquettes (three measly pieces the size of quarters….definitely not enough and not worth it – but good croquettes overall. It would have probably better if it wasn’t smoked salmon though). So in order to satisfy our still empty stomachs, we picked up hot food at Nijiya Market and Beard Papa cream puffs and spent the rest of our empty stomachs watching the Olympics and scarfing down our second dinner. Hilarious.

But anyway, the whole point of this post was for the review of the bar/restaurant we went to at the end of the night: Rush Street in Culver City. I must say, the Culver/Washington area of Culver City is poppin’! I’ve never been really to hang out, but there are a bunch of restaurants that have popped up, creating a pretty casual but elegant nightlife scene just south of all the craziness of the LA cities north of the 10 freeway. We visited a friend who’s the hostess with the mostest there, Sarah!
Rush Street is inspired by the famous Chicago strip and offers “bar-centric” eats with a dope atmosphere. On the first floor, the bar/restaurant boasts an open patio seating area, a 35-foot molded concrete bar strategically lit with warm citrus-colored lights (the largest bar in Culver City), and leather booths along a massive brick wall. At the back end is the second-floor lounge, which has its own bar, a private back room, and a rooftop patio (the only one of its kind in Culver City as well).
What’s even more dope about the place is a stripper pole (supposedly!) on the second-floor lounge to heat up those private events, and weekly shindigs such as Karaoke Night, Comedy Night, and Hot DJs Spinning Hot Music Nights (which I named myself). Although I can’t comment on the food, we had some pretty good cocktails (although the price could be better): Pear Flower Martini (Grey Goose La Poire, St Germain, Grapefruit Juice) and Berry Bramble (Grey Goose La Poire, Chambord, Lemon Juice, and Blackberries). Strong, but just enough to get the night going. Anyway, check it out if you’re ever in the area!

Rush Street
9546 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


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