Okay, so you’ve heard what Matt had to say about being famous and holding down ATTIC during my mini interview with him a couple months back. But things have changed for ATTIC. And I mean big thangs have popped for the company and I’m excited to share with you all the success they’ve had and the amazing line-up they have in their store. And if you weren’t aware, they quite simply offer a HUGE ASS SOLID (like as a rock) selection of the dopest streetwear brands of today. To be honest, I’m kind of nervous writing this because I know all of the ATTIC peeps will be reading this and laughing at my inability to write an interesting editorial/review on a store due to my lack of formal education in journalism and marketing. However, as I have mentioned straight up in my post title, this is in fact a promotion for ATTIC so it ain’t that serious, yo. And I’m not doing this just because one of their workers, aka LE (is that what they named you there?) aka my sister, asked me to do this. Although there may be a little bit of positive bias – but it’s for a good cause. Let’s see how many times I can link the word ATTIC to their superb website (which although oftentimes confused for, is in fact – supposedly someone beat them to it for their much more simpler domain name)

Alright, so when they aren’t chillin’ outside their store on a big ass sofa,
or go tuning on Tuesdays in their parking lot,
or attending ABDC tapings to support their teams that they sponsor,
or eating like straight monsters at Denny’s
they are hard at work up-keeping their store. From managing massive amounts of shipment and inventory, to their recently-debuted online store, to posting random encounters and happenings on their blog, they make sure to keep you in the loop on the hottest recent arrivals. They’ve even began a VIP Mailing List to send texts and e-mails to loyal customers for exclusive drops on some of the most coveted items.
Okay that was a handful already to say, so I think I’m already providing evidence that big things have happened for ATTIC – and they are in no way to stop any time soon.

From the store displays and fixtures to their actual merchandise, everything is updated in a timely manner to ensure that the hottest products of the moment are marketed in the best way possible. I mean really, I don’t think I’ve read about a store changing their fixtures and window displays so damn much before! Which is a real good thing, you know. Keeping it steadily changing is key – and I’m sure this is working out for the company very well.

And on to the inventory: they carry a massive amount of brands. I was going to name a couple, but damn that list is long so I really can’t. Just check out their online store for a little taste. Anything you need in what’s hot in streetwear you can find at this store: shoes (Countdown Packs, anyone?), accessories (dope NOOKA watches), and of course the clothing (tees, shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, denim, fitteds, and more). I mean seriously, where else can you find a one-stop shop for men’s and women’s needs in streetwear?

Most importantly though, they have one of the biggest selections for women’s gear. Not many stores carry a full line of clothing, accessories, and footwear for the ladies (we’re always left out, damnit), but ATTIC holds it down. From classics to Married to the Mob, Hellz Bellz, Tens, Acrilyck, In4mation, Stussy, Yours Truly, and Jeepney….to the recently debuted Rogue Status and IM-King – they do it big yo. So please, this post and the website (although it’s real dope) do not do any justice for the offerings of the store. Drive down to Buena Park and check this place out! And if the workers aren’t helpful or are too cool, just comment back on this post and we’ll handle it. HAHA – no I’m not trying to put them on blast but really, they WILL provide you with a great shopping experience. I mean they got nothin’ else to do… without customers, they gotta resort to straight couch-potatoing, dancing, tuning, eating, or massive picture-taking. Trust me, you will love it.

Anyway, that’s my little advertising blurb of the week. That took a lot of effort, so show some love man! At least visit the website that I mentioned more than 89 times. And with the help of ATTIC, you’re swag will most probably be a little bit more fresher than that white tee you’ve been wearing for a cool minute now. Word.



  1. Posted August 9, 2008 at 2:18 am | Permalink

    word. i think you mentioned ATTIC 88 times. thanks for the plug yo. we call LE “the baby” hahaha

  2. LE
    Posted August 9, 2008 at 11:55 pm | Permalink

    they call me baby, fob & flower girl now… WHAT THE MOTHA, but real top BIG PROPS on this post 🙂 i enjoyed reading it. you did quite a swell job my sister!

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