Yo, so it’s 3 am right now and I gotta get to sleeping but there’s this ringing in my ear and I had to blog at least ONE post for the day. Today was INSANE! Long day but well worth it indeed. You’ll understand the title of my post as you read along…
Anyway, today was the Johnny Cupcakes grand opening day, and dayam that shit was crazy! I didn’t have my camera with me so I couldn’t take any pictures, but I’m sure it will be on The Hundreds or Hypebeast pretty soon. Anyway, it was a usual day at work and luckily, I didn’t have to bring lunch or worry about buying lunch because Johnny personally invited all of the co-workers to his behind-the-store BBQ all day. So we got these cute little VIP passes and we all went during our lunch hour to get some catered food by Wood Ranch. It was pretty bomb I must say…and we checked out the store shortly before opening while Johnny spoke to the press. Like I posted earlier, the store is pretty sick – with little details that make it all the more extravagant. You gotta check it out if you’re in the Melrose area, no doubt.

Anyway, the opening was insane – I mean fans around the corner and up the block. I don’t really know how many people…and it was too hot outside to look. The die-hard fans received free tees, posters, tote bags, and had the opportunity to purchase super limited (like out of 50 tees) t-shirts. We even spotted a girl with the Johnny Cupcakes logo tattooed behind her ear! So after the nice lunch meal, congratulating Johnny, and checking out the store, we return to work. [Congratulations again, Johnny! Looks so dope. May L.A. bring you much success]
…Long day of work, and then we’re off out in the town! The co-workers hit up Ali’s cookout shindig – thanks for having us! I made my little makeshift sandwich out of hot dog bun, Kraft singles, and grilled beef/chicken. That charcoal flavor is bomb, yo! After witnessing a little too much of the college-binge-drinking-and-beer-ponging-and-then-throwing-up-5-times-all-over-the-floor dilemma we faced, we headed out to another co-worker JMV’s event at Medusa Lounge:

Although I was skeptical at first, this shit was poppin’! I mean it wasn’t to the point where it was super packed and couldn’t move within a foot from you (which I abhor), but it was lively and set in the right mood. The spot was hot – it was like a German cathedral theme complete with gargoyles, stained glass windows, dim lit chandeliers, ample plush lounging areas with nice pillows, 2 bars, and a decent sized dance floor. The DJ area was pretty dope too – raised up on a stage along a brick wall.

Anyway, the interesting part of the night comes when me, Vanessa, and Andre are dancing – and I spot Kel from Kenan & Kel/All That!! Oh man, this dude looks exactly the same from back in the day when he used to serve on TV at Good Burger, home of the Good Burger…except that he had a mini mohawk goin’ on with some Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier-lookin’ tee and some New Balance kicks. He was getting his groove thang ON! And I mean…really on. He was dancing with – er, more like groping so many different girls, feeing the music, feeling the girls, and thrusting himself all over. It was way over the top and I didn’t expect THAT comin’ all night. What was weirder was he had his little homie friend that kept taking pictures on his little Blackberry doing every little move, using his inky dinky thing he calls flash on his phone to get up close pictures of Kel getting his thing (and I mean his thing) on. Weird. Talk about a downgrade to like a negative Z lister. Well, at least he’s livin’ the life, lettin’ go and just enjoying the music! I still cannot believe I used to LOVE that show All That – “Who loves orange soda? I do i do i do i do-ooohhhh!” & “I’m Repair man man man man man man man” HAHAHAHHA. What happened to those days?

Besides getting turned off by Kel’s nasty moves, it was a great night letting go and dancin up a storm with the co-workers. The music was on point, playing some Daft Punk, Biggie, Snoop, Mary J., and some real old-school shit. That’s my jam right there! I don’t need any of that radio music to keep me going. I apologize for not posting up the event earlier, but for sure please try to hit it up! If you’re looking for some good music ranging from old club hits/hip hop and a chill atmosphere – you’d definitely want to check it out. Okay it’s about time for me to knock out. Hope this post was worth a whole day’s work. Good night LA – and until next Saturday’s fiasco, peace!



  1. vicky
    Posted August 3, 2008 at 7:21 pm | Permalink

    sounds like you had fun.. haha i cant believe u saw kenan. i have the good burger movie if u wanna watch it! haha miss you! keep blogging the good shit. yay!

  2. vicky
    Posted August 3, 2008 at 7:22 pm | Permalink

    oops i meant kel!

  3. Posted August 4, 2008 at 11:05 pm | Permalink

    haha should i include a link to you and kel’s pic? lol

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