I was browsing Nitrolicious‘s blog as I do on a daily basis, who was browsing Kanye’s blog when she spotted the post as well, and I just HAD to post about Mike and Maaike‘s Stolen Jewels collection.
O-M-G! I love it!!!

Basically, this line is a collection of leather “jewelry”, in which the designers “stole” low-resolution images of some of the most famous and most expensive jewelry in the world. They then pixelated and printed them on leather to produce an inexpensive (and a very creative) alternative to wearing their real counterparts. I love how it has a more casual look (but it’s still high class), and it has a old-school Super Mario effect.

Some of the Stolen Jewels include the Hope Diamond Broach, the Golden Jubilee Diamond Broach, the Great Chrysanthemum Necklace, and Imelda Marcos’ Ruby Necklace with Diamonds by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Diamonds on my neck, da-diamonds on my grilllllllllll. Dopeness.
-Images & info from Mike and Maaike and Nitrolicious


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