I’ve always looked forward to Keep emails..but the recent one was particularly exciting. The ladies of Keep are always coming up with somethin’ new.
Take a look at the fall collection sneak peek!

And the most exciting part: KEEP APPAREL! Okay, I usually get pretty skeptical about shoe or accessories based brands starting their own apparel lines. They often get sidetracked with what needs to be offered in the apparel industry, and everything usually just goes downhill. But I knew that Keep wouldn’t let us down. From what I’ve seen below, the pieces all look very promising – taking into consideration the fall season and semi-tribal prints that have been hot this year. And the best part is that the clothes look better with KEEP shoes! Surprise?

In other news, Keep is moving down to the WeHo area in Fairfax. Stay tuned for more updates on their whereabouts and their new collection! Weeeeeeeee.


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