A quick photo recap from my Vegas trip for the Fourth of July – although we didn’t get to see any fireworks so it didn’t seem like a holiday at all. It was 108 freakin’ degrees all day and night…but I went to mini Venice and back so I didn’t complain. Starting from day 2 – I forgot my camera so no pictures of KA (<a href=’’>Cirque du Soleil</a>) @ MGM Grand and dinner at Il Fornaio in New York, New York. Check out all of that intricate art and architecture…amazing!Kanye’s Glow In The Dark girls?I should have taken visual evidence of every round we tackled @ the buffet in Mirage, but obvioiusly I was too focused on the food so I forgot to whip out my camera. But let me tell you, it was BOMB. We totally stayed there for 2 hours just eating. The Beatles/LOVE theme was AMAZING! I felt like busting out my British accent!Theme of the night – WORD!On the way home, pictures courtesy of Ellie:At a stop by Barstow – a random 50’s diner in the middle of nowhere off the 15. I didn’t know there was a 5 & A Dime branch out in Barstow…And..with that, back to life…back to reality…

What I love about Vegas is that you can go virtually to any tourist attraction in the world within a few mile radius – Venice, Italy to Paris, France to Greece to Hollywood to New York to medieval times and back. And seeing all of the replicas and miniature versions of the actual city or attraction makes me want to really get out and make that cash to travel all over the world. Life’s too short to stay in one spot all the time – so uh get out there and do somethin! Forreal, I need to buy myself a jet.

Anyway, more of Vegas to come within the next couple months! And next time, I need to make myself some time to hit up Fruition & other LV stores. The moral of the story is that everyone needs to watch pretty much ALL of the Cirque du Soleil shows – especially LOVE and KA! Please!!!


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