Having some of your best friends overseas brings a huge plus: receiving international gifts! I’ve recently been sent over a few gifts from Doro, who’s in Tokyo, but who went to Korea for a mini-trip. I’m sure I can find these goodies at a nearby Korean grocery store but dude – it tastes so much better when it’s shipped right from the source!

Waffle cookies – yum

Korean dried seaweed – yum yum

Fried Chicken Snack – okay, these really looked like mini drumsticks, but it didn’t really taste like fried chicken. It was quite close, but the taste resembled something familiar that I’ve had – maybe a Japanese snack? But all in all, not too much salt and it was very crispy – just like some of that country-style fried chick’n!

And speaking of fried chicken, I’ve been finding myself craving some of that Roscoe’s.
It’s funny how I’ve never been there before a couple months ago, when it seemed so strange to grub on chicken and waffles together, but now it’s almost like chicken katsu and rice for me – natural but uh probably 10 times unhealthier!

Anyway, thanks for the snacks Dorothy! I loved all of them. Asian snacks are bomb!

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