I’m always on the hunt for a good deal – whether it’s standing in long ass lines for sample sales, dodging for the clearance racks, clipping grocery coupons, or thrift shopping. Scoring hot items for less makes you feel this unmeasurable sense of happiness after a long day of shopping. And you know we’re always looking for a way to score hot designer items for way below retail – without having to support terrorism and buying fakes, that is. Yeah, I’ve always had my methods for shopping for high-end items, but I still have yet to learn about the designer shopping scene. Anyway, I’ve been engaged in reading all kinds of magazines (not just fashion) and I came across this interesting article on Forbes that gives some tips and pointers on high-end shopping (for less).

Basically, many designer sample sales like Prada, Hermès, and Manolo Blahnik are by invitation only (99% of the time in NYC). Most of these invites are based on income, affiliation, and of course, through connects.

You can bet that Louis Vuitton will never EVER go on sale – and the reason? Well besides the obvious reason that they don’t need to lower their prices for the public, but also because the LV employees are light years ahead in snatching up the deals:
The company tends to move its merchandise through an end-of-season sale held only for its employees. The only way you can be a part of that sale is to ask an employee friend or friend of a friend to go shopping for you. And the friend has to be in New York City.

Aside from end-of-the-season sales that many designers and brands offer, an alternative is the ever popular membership-only sample sales. Most notably, Billion Dollar Babes holds sample sales on both coasts of the US and some cities in between, as well as in Europe. They have developed a wide variety of designers and brands in attendance in addition to offering champagne, hair blow-outs, and make-up applications to complement the shopping experience.

Read the full article, The Insider’s Guide To High-End Sample Sales by Hitha Prabhakar on Forbes now for some tips on your next luxury-good-of-choice deal hunt!


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