Okay, I’ve been trying to get myself to write about this for a while. It’s not really a piece of news that affects many of us, but I thought it was interesting – so much corruption everywhere we look!

Jacob “The Jeweler” Arabov — the infamous New York diamond merchant who has outfitted countless rappers, NBA players and even onetime Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani — was sentenced Tuesday (June 24) to two and a half years in federal prison for lying to investigators about his part in a multistate drug ring.

According to The Associated Press, Arabov, who pleaded guilty in October to falsifying records and giving false statements, as part of a deal with federal prosecutors, was given seven months off his potential three-year-plus sentence for his extensive charity work. He was also ordered to pay a $50,000 fine (barely enough to buy one of his low-end chains) and forfeit $2 million to the government.

Looks like rappers are gonna have to find another source for their bling!
– Source: Vh1


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