I apologize for the lack of updates…I feel horrible about it but there has been too much going on for me to blog so you all just have to deal with it. I only have had 12 posts in the past week – talk about an all time LOW! So, to make it up starting tomorrow, I will be posting non-stop like! Yeeeeah boy! Tomorrow begins a brand new week.
Until then, I leave you with my love for Duffy.I just bought her new album at Best Buy for $9.99, and I’ve been jammin’ in the car non-stop for the past week. (Alternating with Seeing Sounds)…I love “Mercy” – it was on the Sex and the City soundtrack..My favorite jam is “Delayed Devotion”:”Serious” is seriously good as well. No joke. This Welsh girl’s got it going on without all the drugs like Winehouse. Watch out now..


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