I’ve advertised for the Keep Sidewalk Sample Sale probably 5 times before it actually happened this weekend. Anyway, I was able to roll through to their Chinatown headquarters (sounds serious – ’cause it is) on Saturday morning before work and I was super satisfied with the outcome.

The advertisement for the Sidewalk Sample Sale on the curb of the sidewalk – Keep-ing it genius, son.
The sign led me here – I was a little confused at the time. I saw sidewalks but no Keep.
Finally approached our destination – full owl family welcome in effect.
Yup it’s true! Ya’ll who didn’t roll through missed out on saving like $200. Next time, next time..
I presume this whole mat was filled with one-size only shoes available for lucky future Keep owners to take home before the sale started.
There’s Eddie in the back, working hard on his birthday – too bad the sale was too poppin’ to have a photo op with him. Happy birthday though, for real!
Keep it green. All day, every day.
Happy to have come – until next time!
Make sure you visit Keep Company to stay up on their latest cruelty-free kicks and their happenings.


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