After a long and grueling work day, what better way to brighten up the night than going out with the girls to eat and talk? Let me think………yea. Probably nothing. So, this time around, we headed to Cafe Brasil in Culver City. Let me tell you, this is going to be another one of those thank-God-I’m-alive-to-be-able-to-eat-food kinda posts, so please bear with me. This place is so cute, inside and out, and it being my first time at a true “Brazillian” restaurant that’s not a churrascaria. The outdoor/den seating reminded me of cafes in Manhattan – the perfect ambiance for the enjoyment of delicious cuisine and juicy gossip.
Postcards that I plan on sending to everyone who would enjoy this place. So cute!
Lindsay & Ali begin gettin’ the low-down.
My delicious grilled salmon plate including salsa, fried plantains, white rice, and salad (no beans para mi).
Ali excited to grub on that Carioca chicken sandwich
Vanessa didn’t want to show her beautiful face, so she let her food take all the spotlight – grilled pork chops baby.
Lindsay pounced on that right when she got it – and thus explaining why she already has food in her mouth.
Awesome dinner, awesome place, and even more awesome company. It’s always nice when you can count on certain people to cheer you up – even if you don’t ask them to.
Make sure to stop by Cafe Brasil whenever you’re in the area – preferably with good friends or family you can enjoy an intimate conversation with, since they are open until 10 pm errday. Props to Vanessa for the selection of the night.
And another week begins….until next time, for some more restaurant/food reviews!


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