So this is totally random and sporadic, but I think I’m going to start blogging in English and in Japanese…I wonder how many readers can read it, but if anything, my friends and family in Japan can and at the same time, I can practice my Japanese! I have been really stressin’ out about my bilingual capabilities – my Spanish is totally gone besides understanding so we’re not even gonna touch on the trilingual ability. As far as I know, there aren’t many bilingual blogs out there. I mean there’s multiple language versions of the same blog company, such as FreshnessMag that I mentioned before with their launch of Freshness China and Freshness Asia, but I want this to be something where people in Japan (and any other place in the world) can get a feel of what’s going on here (and vice versa) from the perspective of a bi-cultural person (me!).


It’s fairly easy to write it out, but SO hard to think of how to convey certain messages and figures of speech in a different language. This is going to be tough for me and it’s going to take some work and time, but this will be a new beginning for a better ‘me’. If anything, ignore the Japanese if it gets to you. Hopefully my English grammar and diction won’t be affected by this language fusion action. To all my readers – thanks for all your support and love to this day.

Now, I’m officially pooped. Peace ya’ll!


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