and..no, not beef or Bryant. The OTHER Kobe – in Japan. IKEA, our favorite go-to Swedish furniture (and bomb food court) store has converted the Kobe Portliner Monorail into a moving showroom before the April 14 opening of a new retail outlet at Port Island. The redecorated train, which features a colorful exterior, bright upholstery and fancy curtains, will carry passengers in style until May 6.Check it out:How sweet it is for riders to be pleasantly surprised by the bright colors and patterns of the new seats and curtains. I’m sure most people will enjoy riding on this train for the time being…it’s nice how IKEA decked it out, but after May 6, it’s kind of depressing when you return to the normal, uncomfortable, bland seats. What an unusual but smart way to advertise – it’s like you’re forced to not only see an IKEA ad, but to be apart of it…every. day. of your life. until…May 6. Maybe those who ride on the train will love it, but get sick of the crazy patterns and bright colors so much, that in the end, they’ll boycott IKEA forever. This would be the ultimate un-advertisement of a brand. Did IKEA ever think of that?!
But I do admit, I love IKEA…and they should expand this project into every public transportation system in major cities. That would be totally awesome…I’d actually look forward to sitting down in a bus or a train. But the fact that they are carrying this ‘moving showroom’ in Japan shows one thing – Japanese commuters won’t tear that shit apart. Clean countries rule, America drools.
-Images and source: Pink Tentacle


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