Remember a while back when Missy’s Ching-A-Ling video debuted and the dancing was crazy? Well the guys poppin’ & lockin’ for Missy was a Japanese Animation group called U-Min, and their moves are so tight and sharp – it’s truly spectacular to watch their every move.
U-Min is written in Japanese to mean “no name” or “unknown”. They focus on “animation” style of dancing, a technique that attempts to imitate film characters being animated by stop motion. Their moves makes it appear as if each dancer has been animated frame by frame. As seen in their videos, though, they also pop, lock, and break – and they’ve even gained the nickname: “Controller of Time and Space”. Take a look at some of the dopest videos on YouTube (courtesy of Clayton…good job bro):
Uniqlo performance (and no, nothing’s wrong with YouTube…the video has actually started and they are perfectly still):

In Martin Solveig’s C’est La Vie:

America’s best dance crews…got nothin’ on their style.
We all know what Lil Mama would say about the crew…perhaps something like this: “I reSPECT ya’ll. Ya’ll have that ENERgy and STRENF. Ya’ll came out there and gave it ya all. Ya’ll STRONG men!”


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