Half Japanese, half Irish-American beauty, Marié (pronounced mar-ee-ay) Digby is FINALLY releasing her album Untold tomorrow! The singer-songwriter has paid her dues while working her way up by performing at open mic nights, to getting signed, to YouTube-ing it, and finally getting her claim to fame when STAR 98.7 played the “Umbrella” song on air. It may be a surprise, but she was signed to a label WAY before she started showing up on YouTube in 2007 with dozens of covers, oftentimes, proving to be better in a more soothing way than the originals.
When her label, Hollywood Label, delayed the release of her album, she decided to debut on YouTube in order to prove that she had an established fan base willing to purchase her album. Her songs have been featured on MTV’s The Hills, and she’s got an up-coming sold-out show at The Troubadour in WeHo. Her voice is so soothing and I feel like you can never get sick of her, no matter what she’s singing.
Read more about Marié in the interview by Asia Pacific Arts, and check out her YouTube performances if you haven’t done so yet.
But..uh go cop her album, I’m sure it’s gonna be worth it.


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