Back in good ol’ January, I posted some info about ColorOn Pro Instant Eyeshadow.
Well, the awesome folks at ColorOn sent me some samples for me to try out, and believe me when I say that every girl should try this, because once you do, you’ll understand how unbelievably easy it is to apply on perfect gradients of your favorite colors or that hard-to-achieve smoky eye look.
Trust the Lipped Jeanius when I say, that this modern, innovative way of applying eye make-up on the go is pretty useful, for a big night out or even just another ordinary day at work.
So in order to share my experience with the world, I had my girl J be brave enough to model her not-in-the-best-condition-eyes-at-that-time-due-to-various-reasons eyes for my make-up demonstration.
The boxes of instant eyeshadow just waiting to be applied:The contents of one box, includes 5 or 6 applications depending on the box, setting powder, and a mini-brush:J all smiles before the experiment:First, you peel off one application – careful to not touch the actual make-up itself (it’s creamy to my surprise, I thought it would be more powder-y), and then apply to the eye:They key is to make the “V” sign with your fingers to ensure proper application onto the entire lid:Still maintaining the “V” position with your fingers, use the other hand to carefully rub the coloron to your whole lid – just rub, rub, rub!When you feel you have rubbed til you can’t no more, carefully pull away the applicator:Then, you just gotta improvise from there and blend, blend, blend until you don’t have that awkward oval shape of the applicator and for the colors to look well-blended onto your eyelid:Using the included brush, apply on the setting powder to blend even more and set the look.
Other side!
Some intense blending:Finished look – this is just one application used, so we actually conserved and get double the use out of each application!Verdict: Easy to use. Fast. Long-lasting. Joy in an oval. Just look at that smile:All in all, this whole process only took about 10 minutes to do. It’s much faster than using different brushes to apply, blend, and make sure both eyes are symmetrical as far as the shade of the color.
The point is that ColorOn is a tool anyone, even for someone who is completely inept and/or unskillful, can use for applying perfectly shaded eye make-up for any occasion.
Let ColorOn take care of your eyes this spring for a fresh new take on DIY professional-looking make-up!


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